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Mission : To strive hard continuously and constantly to make every individual customer financially self-reliant, economically and socially strong through the Self-Help Team world wide Concept.

Vision : To become Direct Marketing Organization in the country by promoting Direct Selling of quality products and services by creating vibrant Self Help Teams with a view to alleviate poverty and eliminate negativity by generation of self-employment through motivation by using state-of-the-art technology and for creating vibrant Self Help Teams across the not only country but also World.

Organization : Best Life Group is the pioneers in promoting, developing and marketing different types of products.Today Company is professionally managed by a team of experienced Leaders and technically qualified front and back-office professionals & staff. Organization is headed by a vibrant visionary entrepreneur Mr.Raghu R Surisetty B.A;B.L who is committed to play a pivotal role to make the lives of millions comfortable and ultimately promote the concept of direct selling and create a Direct Selling Environment.

Financially free forever?

Look here ! Here is a Golden Opportunity for everyone who has a dream of his own. You can create unlimited wealth if you are inclined to put efforts. You have wonderful tools in front of you for promoting a unique business Opportunity. Go through the website thoroughly and choose the best option which suits your time and taste.

Hearty welcome to you as a Member of BLG Goldenway . Let us build our relationships on a strong platform and grow together and strive hard to attain financial freedom and feel the warmth of secure future which would immensely benefit us and the generation next!!

Terms & Conditions

1. BLG Goldenway is marketing engaged in sales promotion efforts of the Products and Services of various Companies through its network.

2. Any individual can become a Member of the BLG Goldenway self employment programmed by purchage of one product with Rs.350/-.

3. The company shall conduct a thorough investigation and appropriate action shall be taken on the offending Customer.

4. The company shall not be responsible for brief non-functioning of disruptions in the website due to any technical problems.

5. Customer is not an employee, Member agrees to abide by national and state, local laws and rules and regulations.

6. The company would not entertain any kind of refund. In case of eventuality / death of any Member, Membership shall be terminated.

7. It is understood that you are buyer of the company after understanding all the terms and conditions at your own will and are not being ruled by any one.

8. The company reserves the right to make changes from time to time without any notice to its Members.

9. All the members are advised to sponsor new Member(Sale) in their down line only after their personal Membership is confirmed.

10. No Customer is authorized to collect cash payments on behalf of the Company. Company will not be responsible for any misappropriation of it.

11. Any deductions will be deducted as per Govt. levies.(TDS 5% )

12. Member No.or Sponsor No.will not change. Name or Mobile or Bank No.will change by payment of Rs.500/- to Rs.1000/- with request letter.

13. All the new Customers are requested to discuss and understand the plans clearly from their up-line Customers before time of sponsoring.

14. It is the responsibility of all new prospects of Company to understand the plan thoroughly before becoming a member.

15. Any Customer misguides any person it will not be the responsibility of the Company.

16. Incentives shown in the plan are based on assumption that each Customer introduce a minimum of Two Customers(Sales).

17. All disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Anakapalli only.

18. Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate any Member if found in anti-company activities without any prior notice.

Declarations: I hereby confirm, read and understood the above terms. I shall abide by the above mentioned terms and same is acceptable to me.

All Certificates







Any individual can become a Member of the Company's self employment programme by purchage of Product.
1.Rs.350/- (Anti Radiation chip : Ceiling   5 Pairs=Rs.500/- per day).
Point Matching : Team'A' side 1 and Team'B' side 1 = Rs.100/-.
2.Rs.350/- (Bio Energy Card : Ceiling   5 Pairs=Rs.500/- per day).
Power : Both sides Power Carry forward allowed.
3.Rs.350/- (Anti Radiation Sticker : Ceiling   5 Pairs=Rs.500/- per day).
Payment : Daily Transfer to Bank.
Hi Ceiling by taking Franchise / Bulk Products
Deductions 20% , Daily Cut off and Transfer to Bank.
Daily: Rs.1,000/-, Rs.1,500/-, Rs.2,000/-
Any Payment not Refundable, Price inclusive of all Taxes.
Free Payment transfer to Bank Minimum 2 pairs amount from admin.
ID Hi Ceiling upgradation by Taking Franchise or Bulk Products .
Bank Account for '15' Ids Only with same Name, Payment Based on assumption that each Customer introduce 2 Sales.
Refundable Ledger Balance Amount Rs.80/- Will debit your generated amount, Betwen 5th and 10th pairs without any Notice.
Pin purchage with generated amount = Rs.25/-will be added.
TDS: 5%, Fom 16 will issue early. Payment Request by Missed Call = 7799228833.


Products with Free Membership


1) Anti Radiation Chip MRP: Rs.350/-

One Point: Ceiling Per day Rs.500/-

2) Bio Energy Health Card MRP: Rs.350/-

One Point: Ceiling Per day Rs.500/-

3) Anti Radiation Sticker MRP: Rs.350/-

One Point: Ceiling Per day Rs.500/-


Day Ceiling Upgradation

By taking Franchise

(Upgradation Payment From Next Day)

Pin Point/Product Commission=5%

Ceiling Rs.1,000/- : (Rs.07,000/-Products=20x350/-)

Pin Point/Product Commission=5%

Ceiling Rs.1,500/- : (Rs.14,000/-Products=40x350/-)

Pin Point/Product Commission=5%

Ceiling Rs.2,000/- : (Rs.28,000/-Products=80x350/-)

By Purchage of Pins/Products at a time from generated amount

Ceiling Rs.1,000/- = Purchge of pins-05

Ceiling Rs.1,500/- = Purchge of pins-10

Ceiling Rs.2,000/- = Purchge of pins-15

Bulk Pins/Products Purchage Offer

Purchase of 100 Pins/Products - Benefits

1. Pin Sale commission=Rs.20/-only(Monthly)
2. Monthly field allowance = Rs.1,500/-
3. Ceiling upgrade=1000/- Per Day
4. Pins buy back after 3 Months
5. Referral Benifit : 5 Pins

(MFA Cash Payment: -20%
or Pins/Products:5)

Purchase of 200 Pins/Products - Benefits

1. Pin Sale commission=Rs.30/-only(Monthly)
2. Monthly field allowance = Rs.3,500/-
3. Ceiling upgrade=1500/- Per Day
4. Pins buy back after 3 Months
5. Referral Benifit :
10 Pins
Cash Payment: -20% or Pins/Products:12)

Purchase of 300 Pins/Products - Benefits

1. Pin Sale commission=Rs.50/-only(Monthly)
2. Monthly field allowance = Rs.
3. Ceiling upgrade=
2000/- Per Day
4. Pins buy back after 3 Months
5. Referral Benifit :
15 Pins
Cash Payment: -20% or Pins/Products:30)



Self Team Concept

Economically and socially strong

Direct Marketing

Direct Selling quality Products

Pioneers in Promoting

No.1 Direct Marketing Organization


Different type of Developments

Experienced Leaders

Professionals and Experienced Team

Golden Opportunity

For every one and own dream

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