Any individual can become a Member of the Company's self employment programme by purchage of Product.
1.Rs.350/- (Anti Radiation chip : Ceiling   5 Pairs=Rs.500/- per day).
Point Matching : Team'A' side 1 and Team'B' side 1 = Rs.100/-.
2.Rs.350/- (Bio Energy Card : Ceiling   5 Pairs=Rs.500/- per day).
Power : Both sides Power Carry forward allowed.
3.Rs.350/- (Anti Radiation Sticker : Ceiling   5 Pairs=Rs.500/- per day).
Payment : Daily Payment Transfer to Bank.
Hi Ceiling by taking franchise/Bulk Pins
Deductions 20% , Daily Cut off and Transfer to Bank.
Daily: Rs.1,000/-, Rs.1,500/-, Rs.2,000/-
Any Payment not Refundable, Price inclusive of all Taxes.
Payment tranfer to bank Minimum 2 pairs amount only.
ID upgradation (Hi Ceiling) by Taking Franchise (Pin point) or Bulk Pin purchase .
Bank Account for '15' Ids Only with same Name, Payment Based on assumption that each Customer introduce 2 Sales.
Ledger Balance (Refundable) Amount Rs.80/- Will debit from your generated amount.(Betwen 5th and 10th pairs without any Notice).
Pin purchage with generated amount =Rs.25/-will be added
TDS:5%, Fom 16 will issue early. Payment Request by Missed call also.Cell=7799228833.

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