Murhraj Colony, Kotturu College Jn.,
Visakhapatnam Dist, Anakapalli, Andhra Pradesh.

Phone(CMD) :
+91 99 66 93 93 93
 Any individual can become a Member by  purchage of a Product.
 Products: Rs.350/- Anti radiation Chip or Sticker or Bio Energy card.
 Note:Payment naither Refundable nor transferable. Price inclusive of all Taxes.
 Matching: Team 'A' side1 and Team 'B' side1= Rs.100/-
 Power: Carry forward allowed.; Total deductions: TDS and Others 20%.
 Payment Transfer to Bank: Daily one time with Minimum 2 Pairs.
 Spot Payment Generation, Daily Cut off: 11.59 pm IST.
 Ceiling Per day: Rs.500/-, Pin purchage with generated amount = Rs.25/-will be added.
Ceiling Upgradation
 1) Required Rs.1,000/- Per day = Products 10x350/-
 2) Required Rs.1,500/- Per day = Products 15x350/-
 3) Required Rs.2,000/- Per day = Products 20x350/-
 * Note: Missed Call Payment Request = 77 99 22 88 33
Franchise(300 Products) Benefits

 1. Pin Sale Commission=Rs.50/- (Monthly)
 2. Field allowance (3 Months only)= Rs.10,000/-(8000+2000)
 3. Ceiling upgrade= Maximum Rs.2,000/- Per Day
 4. Pins buy back after 3 Months
 5. Referral Benifit = 30 Pins
 * MFA Cash Payment= -20% or 30 Pins